I am Raphael, one of the seven archangels who pass in and out of the presence of the Holy One, blessed be he. I bring him the prayers of all who pray and those who don’t even know that they’re praying. Some prayers I hold out as far from me as my arm will reach, [more]

My Life and my Being


We can find no salvation for mind or soul unless we see the difference between our being and our life. The distinction may be in some ways a mysterious one, but the mystery itself is a source of light. To say ‘my being is not identical with my life’ is to say two different things. [more]

The most important verse

God created

Two rabbis are trying to decide on the most important verse in the Torah, and one rabbi, Rabbi Akiva, argues for one of the most famous statements in all of religious literature — “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” In fact, for many of us, that guideline inspires many of our ethical actions. But [more]

A Generous God


In 2011 Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary, wrote an insightful piece on what he calls a generous orthodoxy. Mouw regards himself as an orthodox Calvinist. In other words, he agrees with and adheres to what is broadly accepted as authentic Calvinist theology. With generous he means the opposite of stingy – is the [more]

You are the Beloved of God

Henri Nouwen

Do you tend to look for your worth in what you do, what you have and what people say about you? This leads to a painful, meaningless existence. Henri Nouwen brings a powerful message about our identity in God. We are the beloved sons and daughters of God. We are chosen, loved, taken and blessed [more]

A Universal Religious Society

City of God - St Augustine

In his foreword to the 1958 Image Books edition of The City of God by Augustine, Etienne Gilson wrote: “Our contemporaries aspire after a complete unity of all peoples: one world. They are quite right. The universal society which they are endeavoring to organize aims at being a political and temporal society. In this regard [more]

Faith and theology as idolatry

golden calf

“Orthodoxy is idolatry if it means holding the ‘correct opinions about God’ – ‘fundamentalism’ is the most extreme and salient example of such idolatry – but not if it means holding faith in the right way, that is, not holding it at all but being held by God, in love and service. Theology is idolatry [more]

Why House Church is not the answer


It is easy to convince people that house church just might be the answer to all of what they desire in body life, that is until they get involved in one. It quickly becomes evident that meeting in a home isn’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be. What do we do about the people [more]

God’s mercy is greater than our sins


God’s mercy is greater than our sins. There is an awareness of sin that does not lead to God but rather to self-preoccupation. Our temptation is to be so impressed by our sins and our failings and so overwhelmed by our lack of generosity that we get stuck in paralyzing guilt. It is the guilt [more]

Facebook Linked To One In Five Divorces


A recent survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that Facebook is cited in one in five divorces in the United States. More than 80 percent of divorce lawyers reported a rising number of people are using social media to engage in extramarital affairs. “We’re coming across it more and more,” said licensed [more]